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Official SMART Dog Park Partner

WSF: Helping Redefine the Term “Dog-friendly”

Willoughby Stainless Fountains (WSF) is excited to announce that, effective today, we have partnered with Wagtown, Inc. ( and SMART Dog Park (

Wagtown believes in creating more authentic and responsible dog-friendly neighborhoods across the country, and WSF looks forward to bringing our expertise on water, safety, and quality to the planning of dog parks and trails. To commemorate the occasion, SMART Dog Park creator—Beth Miller—was quoted as saying:

“We are very excited to partner with Willoughby [Stainless Fountains]. The match of their subject matter expertise AND custom solutions for students and members make them a perfect match for the SMART Dog Park platform. As we all begin to create better dog parks and dog-inclusive experiences, collaborations like this add immense value.”

Together, we hope to help redefine the term “dog-friendly” and make the wag happen—one wet nose at a time!

Visit website for SMART Dog Park

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