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stainless steel anchoring bolts with a security head

WSF Introduces New Vandal-Resistant Standard for Product Mounting

Willoughby Stainless Fountains (WSF) started with a simple idea: build products that last. After noticing the majority of outdoor drinking fountains decayed at an accelerated rate because of using mild steel as their standard, WSF pledged to construct fixtures out of stainless steel—every time, period.

We have since expanded our selection of powder coat colors, added additional product options, and—now—offer stainless steel anchoring bolts with a security head standard with our mounting kit! As vandalism continues to affect people across the United States, WSF wanted our customers to be as confident in the security of their products as they were with the quality of our products.

We even include a matching security bit and rubberized washers with the mounting kit to protect your powder coating while securing the product! It is details like these that we appreciated while working in parks and recreation, and what makes WSF best-in-class with customer service.

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